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Tropical Depression

August 16th, 2010 · 5 Comments


photo by Sweet Jane

It’s been a while since I wrote or posted anything to the site.  In fact, it’s been a lot longer than I knew until I checked in last week and realized almost an entire summer is gone.  With the Deepwater Horizon oil spill dominating the news down here, that’s exactly how it feels.  The summer just disappeared.  The effect on our beaches here in Baldwin County hasn’t been that bad, considering the nightmare scenario that could have been, but the effect on the local economy has been devastating.  Speaking for myself, the whole situation has exacted a mental toll as well.

Most areas have been open to catch and release fishing for weeks, but I have not fished.  The beaches are open, but I have not been snorkeling.  The seafood is inspected and certified safe to eat, but I have not visited my favorite restaurants.  Unconsciously, I’ve been avoiding anything, including this site, that would remind me of the reasons I moved here.  White sand, blue water, and abundant marine life somehow become tragic when you realize how fragile they are.  Sure, I know about hurricanes.  We’ve been through some historic ones since we’ve lived here, but this was different.  Hurricanes destroy the works of man, but nature remains unchanged.  In this whole debacle, we very nearly destroyed something we did not create and could never replace.

The yellow flag recently flying over the beach indicates “Medium Hazard.”  I’m glad to see the cautionary yellow instead of the double red flags meaning “Water Closed to Public” that flew far too long this season.  I’m “cautiously optimistic” as our politicians are so fond of saying.  Catch and keep fishing opened again at 6:00 this morning for the first time all summer.  Anglers at Gulf State Park Pier in Gulf Shores are catching bluefish, flounder, and sharks where only a week ago a significant amount of oil washed ashore.  Watching the footage of people filling coolers with their catch on the local news, I am feeling the itch to go down there and try my luck.  “Hope springs eternal in the human breast,” said Alexander Pope, and I am hopeful that if we have not seen the end of this, we have at least seen the worst.

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  • 1 Theresa // Aug 17, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    So great to see you back!!! Been missing your articles. Yes, the oil spill was tragic, but never forget all the wonderful things you have in such a beautiful place. Enjoy the beaches, water, seafood, etc. while you’re there and still young. Never forget to take time out to smell the roses!

  • 2 armchairoutfitter // Aug 17, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    Or the oysters. On second thought, maybe don’t smell the oysters. They have a “bouquet” all their own and it takes a connoisseur to appreciate it. I did forget to mention the free concert Mr. Jimmy Buffet performed for us and how much I appreciated his efforts. That event was as close to the beach as I have been this season and it brought much needed publicity to our area.

    On that note, our minster here spoke from the pulpit against “the man who wrote Margaritaville” for holding his concert on a Sunday evening. I have to say all those people coming together and having a good time celebrating God’s creation here on the coast was more of a religious experience than what I had in church the Sunday before. You know what we say, though. Jesus turned water into wine over 2,000 years ago, and we Baptists have been trying to change it back ever since.

  • 3 Theresa // Aug 18, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    Oh, yes, I do remember the smell of the oysters. You’re right. Best try to forget that.

    Saw the Buffet concert on TV (as I don’t live in Paradise). It was great even if I wasn’t there in person.

    As a cradle Catholic who is married to a full-blooded Union University Southern Baptist, what can I say about the Baptists except that I’ll bet you’ll never see in their Sunday bulletin what has been running in ours the past few weeks: “Join us for a day at the Casinos in Tunica. Only $20 with half refunded in play. Plus half off at Paula Dean buffett.” Now, ya gotta admit, Catholicism may instill a lot of guilt in its members, but we sure know how to have fun.

  • 4 armchairoutfitter // Aug 19, 2010 at 10:30 am

    I’ve always said you Catholics have the world by the ass. Maybe that’s why you feel so guilty.

  • 5 Jimbo Fishman // Aug 22, 2010 at 2:40 pm


    GLAD to see you are back!!

    I do have a couple of comments. First is I totally agree about the summer disappearing. As a dedicated saltwater fisherman this summer was quite depressing even though I did catch a big wahoo before it closed. I am truly torn on how I view this event. With an undergrad degree in Natural Resources Management and a Master of Business the only thing I am certain of is that the content coming from the “Politics of the Day” would overload the largest sewer treatment plant in the world! I have less trust in the Federal system than at any point of my life. Instead of bashing and bullshooting there should have been someone in charge that cares more about the impact on the local people and environment than about the next election cycle or shareholders meeting…….you get the picture.

    Second as a Captist (Baptist that married a Catholic) with four kids and a well stocked liquor cabinet, I have to say……well you get the picture.

    Jimbo Fishman

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